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Step by Step instructions on how to set up your Wordpress blog and integrate your autoresponder and tracking

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  1. Order a domain name from . is great, but the blog is on your topic- you choose the name!

  2. Get a 'baby gator' server from Host, to host Your Blog.

  3. Change the DNS servers for your domain name at Godaddy. Call Godaddy with the server information you get from Host Gator and Godaddy will do it for you.

  4. Get an account, your autoresponder where you will build and have control over your OWN Golden List.

  5. Set up your free Google Analytics account :

  6. Get your free Filezilla software :

Launching Your Blog and Creating Your Customized Capture Pages are the two most important things you must do right now
to move forward in your Internet based Home Business.

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